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Bitnine Global offers the ultimate database solution for storing, managing, and analyzing vast amounts of data within a single, hybrid system. Our comprehensive suite is designed to meet diverse commercial data needs, emphasizing data security, reliability, and user convenience. We excels in efficiently handling structured data in graph database models. Join our partner program to elevate technological solutions across various industries.

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Solution Partners

Harness AgensGraph to deliver deployment, implementation, development, and operational services. System integrator, IT consultancy, and value-added reseller, enabling you to provide services individually or in conjunction with us


OEM Partners

Embed or integrate AgensGraph within your products and collaborate with for your data management or analytics solutions


Strategic Alliances Partners

Form alliances that can help in co-developing new solutions or expanding market reach together to develop advanced analytics solutions leveraging graph databases


Academic and Research Partners

Collaborate to drive innovation and adoption through research projects and educational programs. Offer AgensGraph for academic use


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